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Student Services Welcomes All with Corn-Boil Campus 

Student Services Welcomes All with Corn-Boil

Does it get any better than free food and sunny skies?! YES!… when there are genuine smiles and happiness all around!


If you haven’t met Rowena Selby (in red) or Marya Grant (in black) yet, you’ve got a couple of pleasant surprises awaiting you, dear reader! Now moved into their new offices on B-2, these are a couple of the best informed and most welcoming people on staff here at Vanier!


Shown here with Helena Bastos, Assistant Athletic Coordinator and Advisor to our sports students, and a couple of other pleasant faces, Marya and Rowena took on the lion’s share of setting up a late-summer corn-boil for the college population. Sweet, fresh “peaches and cream” corn, hand-picked north of Montreal for the day’s lunch was boiled to perfection and served with butter and salt.


If you spent any time on the lawn, you would have had the chance to also meet Jim Atkinson (Financial Aid), Phani  Papachristou (Psychotherapist) and Maria ??? (help!!!) who were also available to meet and chat.


Thank you Student Services for the sweet and wonderful welcome – let’s hope it’s a great year for all!!


Written by: The Roaming Reporter

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