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Noyée dans la neige – La goutte d’encre Vanier Alumni 

Noyée dans la neige – La goutte d’encre

Je me dépêche à vivre. C’est cela qu’il faut selon ce que les adultes m’ont toujours dit. Le temps file. Je ne veux rien gaspiller. Je ne peux rien gaspiller. Les secondes défilent. L’horloge rôde au-dessus de ma tête comme des nuages qui annoncent une tempête de janvier. Je me hâte à étudier. Cela est nécessaire pour bien vivre selon mes enseignants. La connaissance libère. Je ne veux guère caresser mes chaînes. Je ne peux aucunement me permettre un moment pour respirer, si je veux conserver ma liberté. Un. Je…

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Healthy Habits for a Successful (First) Year Vanier Alumni 

Healthy Habits for a Successful (First) Year

As human beings, we are creatures of routine – and unfortunately, the bad habits are the easiest to create. The semester is still young, but many have already derailed their motivational train off of the tracks on which they had set out. This journalist, for one, certainly finds herself buying breakfast and ice cappuccinos more often than intended. So let us take a step back to reflect on the past month; what do you wish you would’ve done less? Procrastinating, skipping workouts, running late…? Many of these boil down to…

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Indigenous Awareness Week Campus 

Indigenous Awareness Week

Photos: Courtesy of Student Services If you’ve ever attended a symposium or other similar event in the auditorium at Vanier College, then you’ve probably heard the following: “We acknowledge that this event takes place on Tio’tia:ke (where the currants meet / Montreal), which is situated on the traditional unceded territories of the Kanien’kehá:ka people, more commonly known as Mohawk. Tio’tia:ke was also a gathering place for many First Nations.” The college certainly makes a point of respecting and embracing First Nation culture and rights – and not just by repeating…

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Fashion Revolution Campus 

Fashion Revolution

Once upon a time—wait, no. There was no happy ending. It was a tragedy. It all started after the Rana Plaza disaster on the 24th of April in 2013, when an industrial complex in Bangladesh, housing five large garment factories supplying global brands, collapsed, killing over 1,000 people – and causing uproar from around the world, as citizens massively questioned the ethics of the clothing industry, and urged major companies to take action in assuring a safe, equitable, and humane fashion revolution. The week of April 24th is now international…

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Speak Up – Intercollegiate Poetry Slam News 

Speak Up – Intercollegiate Poetry Slam

Thursday, April 27th, five English cégeps competed at Speak Up, Montreal’s very first intercollegiate poetry slam, hosted by Vanier College. 14 poets – plus sacrificial poet and event founder, Nayem Alam – and an extremely wide variety of topics. First place was unanimously awarded to Emaline Gonzalez Thomas, a Dawson College student, for her piece about the contrast between traditional, Catholic, Latin-American beliefs about sexuality, and those held by young, modern North Americans. Her performance had the audience roaring with laughter, yet also moved to a beautiful, heavy silence at…

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Without a GPS Voices 

Without a GPS

It starts out with one questionable choice, followed by two more bad decisions, and next thing you know, you’re standing at an intersection trying to figure out if three wrongs really will make a right.   Everybody has found themselves nestled in a car seat, comfortably cruising down that long highway that represents childhood. The roads are smooth, the directions, well-indicated. And anyway, you don’t really need to pay attention; someone else is driving. All you have to do is enjoy the ride. Play with your feet. Make some noise….

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Ouvrons nos fenêtres gagnants Campus 

Ouvrons nos fenêtres gagnants

Le mercredi, 5 avril dernier a eu lieu le lancement de Ouvrons nos fenêtres, un recueil d’écrits interculturels façonnés par les plumes *claviers* d’élèves du Cégep Vanier pour la publication 2016-2017. Parmi les nombreux textes reçus en soumission,  32 ont été sélectionné afin de paraître dans l’œuvre collectif disponible même à la Grande Bibliothèque, au centre-ville. Les chargés du projet, Rachel Jobin et Josée Tamiozzo décrivent la publication : « Écrits dans une langue qui est généralement une langue seconde, parfois tierce, ces textes sensibles et très actuels nous plongent dans…

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Simply – Happiness Voices 

Simply – Happiness

Happiness is a derivative of life: in directly aiming to achieve it, it can be diminished. The serenity of happiness follows not from the pursuit of it; it stems rather from an accumulation of pleasurable moments. Yes, it is cliché, but the little things really do make up our existence. One such nothingness of my life that I cannot overlook is the memory of a joyful autumn day from November 2013. A school field trip to Montreal’s Salon des métiers d’arts automatically started the day off on a positive note. Beyond that,…

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Flat Line Arts 

Flat Line

So you want to change the world? Well, good luck with that, they say. What is your strategy to get people to pay? Because pay they must, And buy they will, In this consumerist society, Based on good products, Not good will.   Order now, Pay later, It’s a limited time offer. There’s a deadline. It’s a race to use up, Our greatest lifeline.   Checkout lanes are packed, With the dump’s future contents, Because one man’s treasure is – Every man’s trash, Right?   We monitor progress, In dollars…

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Ouvrons nos Yeux Ecrits Interculturel Campus 

Ouvrons nos Yeux Ecrits Interculturel

Chaque année, notre cégep célèbre la diversité de notre corps étudiant, enseignant, et professionel, avec la publication de Ouvrons nos yeux – un recueil de textes Écrits interculturels. Le livre, disponible à la bibliothèque de l’école après son lancement annuel, est un méli-mélo d’œuvres de poésie, de narration, et d’essaies personnels en lien avec l’interculturalité, façonner par la plume (ou plutôt, par le clavier) de nombreux étudiants du cégep Vanier. Vous êtes invités au lancement 2017 : le mercredi 5 avril, à midi, au local B-325! Every year, the college celebrates…

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