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Flat Line Arts 

Flat Line

So you want to change the world?
Well, good luck with that, they say.
What is your strategy to get people to pay?
Because pay they must,
And buy they will,
In this consumerist society,
Based on good products,
Not good will.


Order now,
Pay later,
It’s a limited time offer.
There’s a deadline.
It’s a race to use up,
Our greatest lifeline.


Checkout lanes are packed,
With the dump’s future contents,
Because one man’s treasure is –
Every man’s trash,


We monitor progress,
In dollars and cents,
And yet here we are ignoring,
The ultimate consequence.


We’re connected,
Plugged in.
Yet we’re pulling the plug.
Too busy arguing,
Over what is yours,
And what is mine,
Too even open our eyes,
And notice,
The Earth’s looming flat line.


Written By: Katherine Willcocks

About The Author
Katherine Willcocks Kat has been dabbling in the art of the written word since childhood, dipping her toes in the world of photography every now and then. As a Vanier alumnus who studied in Communications, she explores Spoken Word Poetry, and, of course, journalism.

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