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The Pomeranian

Did you know the Pomeranian was one of the few dogs to survive the Titanic? The Pomeranian is a yappy small breed of dog but loves their owner unconscionably. Pomeranians used to weigh 30 pounds and were usually a solid white color, but through breeding, Pomeranians have been made smaller and are now between six and nine pounds.

Noticing a Pomeranian isn’t difficult; the first thing you’ll notice is its fluffy double coat that can be one of many different colors. They also have small foxlike ears that perk up through their fur. And lastly, its tail stands on top of the dog’s back.

As for environments, the Pomeranian can live anywhere, but needs plenty of exercise. And I mean quite a bit; it will yap if not properly exercised.

At a young age, they can suffer from tooth loss, so make sure their teeth are cleaned. They can also have slipped knee caps, but other than these few problems they live on average 12-15 years (give or take).

You have to groom them every day (you can see that fur coat, right?). A good brush down should do the trick.

Pomeranians love attention from everyone; they are a happy-go-lucky dog. These dogs are not recommended for children who might drop them however.

Written By: Andrianna Kapralios



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