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Jack(-o-lantern) Russell terrier Features 

Jack(-o-lantern) Russell terrier

Photo By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner   The spooky Jack Russell has a lot of energy for such a small dog because they are bred for speed. A crazy dog, some even say the Jack Russell is like a child at a candy store: They get very excited and don’t know how to contain their excitement until they crash from a sugar high. Bred in south England, this dog’s purpose was hunting foxes. Fun fact: The Jack Russell got its name from John Russell, who was a fox enthusiast.   The Jack…

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Boston Terrier Features 

Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is a purebred American dog. Boston terriers are very silly dogs that love to get attention; they are very intelligent and the breed is popular in America due to its friendly nature, getting along very well with children and adults of the family. A Boston terrier is a mix of the English bulldog and the white English terrier. This dog was initially bred for fights, similarly to the pit bull, but now is a companion dog. These dogs have incredibly expressive faces, sometimes appearing to smile. Boston…

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The Pomeranian Features 

The Pomeranian

Did you know the Pomeranian was one of the few dogs to survive the Titanic? The Pomeranian is a yappy small breed of dog but loves their owner unconscionably. Pomeranians used to weigh 30 pounds and were usually a solid white color, but through breeding, Pomeranians have been made smaller and are now between six and nine pounds. Noticing a Pomeranian isn’t difficult; the first thing you’ll notice is its fluffy double coat that can be one of many different colors. They also have small foxlike ears that perk up…

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Yorkshire Terrier Features 

Yorkshire Terrier

Want a dog, but are allergic? Try buying a Yorkshire Terrier. It has human-like hair, not fur like other dogs. These bouncy dogs are also known to snort, which means they take air in too fast and they can sound like a duck. Don’t worry, it’s a harmless thing Yorkies do when they get excited. Did you also know Yorkies rank second highest dog in America for a must have pet? This dog is a big one inside a little body. This makes it ‘portable’ – it can live anywhere,…

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The Brushwood Dog: Shiba Inu Features 

The Brushwood Dog: Shiba Inu

  The Shiba Inu is an independent, yet charming dog breed with a life span of 12 to 15 years. Not recommended for inexperienced owners, it has a high level of intelligence, making it difficult to train. Of course, this does not mean they aren’t loveable and loyal to their owners. Shiba Inu’s are originally from Japan, and gradually found their way around the world.  The Shiba Inu in Japanese translates to: “brushwood dog”. Neat huh? They are used to hunt for boars, birds, and even bears. They are Japan’s national treasure and remain their most popular companion dog. The characteristic that distinguishes a Shiba Inu from other dogs is its dense, self-cleaning coat that repels dirt to keep itself clean. It varies in colors from cream, black and tan, red, to white –…

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