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Yorkshire Terrier Features 

Yorkshire Terrier

Want a dog, but are allergic? Try buying a Yorkshire Terrier.

It has human-like hair, not fur like other dogs.

These bouncy dogs are also known to snort, which means they take air in too fast and they can sound like a duck. Don’t worry, it’s a harmless thing Yorkies do when they get excited.

Did you also know Yorkies rank second highest dog in America for a must have pet? This dog is a big one inside a little body. This makes it ‘portable’ – it can live anywhere, as long as it has your attention.

These dogs are great for families and adults. Around smaller children, they are known to be snappy and bite if they are mishandled. None the less, Yorkies are an intelligent breed, just waiting to tear you away from homework and studying to get you to spend time with them.


Written By: Andrianna Kapralios

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