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The Brushwood Dog: Shiba Inu Features 

The Brushwood Dog: Shiba Inu


The Shiba Inu is an independent, yet charming dog breed with a life span of 12 to 15 years. Not recommended for inexperienced owners, it has a high level of intelligence, making it difficult to train. Of course, this does not mean they aren’t loveable and loyal to their owners.

Shiba Inu’s are originally from Japan, and gradually found their way around the world.  The Shiba Inu in Japanese translates to: “brushwood dog”. Neat huh? They are used to hunt for boars, birds, and even bears. They are Japan’s national treasure and remain their most popular companion dog.

The characteristic that distinguishes a Shiba Inu from other dogs is its dense, self-cleaning coat that repels dirt to keep itself clean. It varies in colors from cream, black and tan, red, to white – cream being the most common. These dogs have an arched tail that curls upwards and rests on the dogs back. And let’s not forget their triangular pointed ears, as well as their face and coat, which make them look wild, similar to their ancestor, the fox.

The breed is associated with the domestic cat because they are independent and fastidious animals. This is why people find them to be unapproachable dogs – as they seem unfriendly. They are not warm and welcoming to strangers, but they do have a strong bond with their family. Conesquently, the Shiba Inu can do well in any house hold, even in an apartment, because of its medium size and considerably quiet nature.

Their health is relatively good and will not cost too much. However, they do commonly suffer from hip and eye problems. On a positive note, Shiba Inu dogs groom themselves (again, they’re a bit cat-like). Still, a quick brush every day never hurts.


Written By: Andrianna Kapralios


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