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Jack(-o-lantern) Russell terrier Features 

Jack(-o-lantern) Russell terrier

Photo By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner


The spooky Jack Russell has a lot of energy for such a small dog because they are bred for speed. A crazy dog, some even say the Jack Russell is like a child at a candy store: They get very excited and don’t know how to contain their excitement until they crash from a sugar high. Bred in south England, this dog’s purpose was hunting foxes. Fun fact: The Jack Russell got its name from John Russell, who was a fox enthusiast.

The Jack Russell can jump five times his own height. They also have “v” shaped ears, so when it would dig underground for foxes, no dirt would get in its ear. There are two possible fur coats: smooth and curly. The Jack Russell has sensitive skin, so harsh sunlight can sometimes irritate them. Apply sun lotion or make sure your Jack Russell doesn’t stay out on a sunny day too long.

A very healthy and sturdy dog, this breed is still prone to deafness and dislocated kneecaps, but overall a Jack Russell can live a long life. If you live in an apartment and want a Jack Russell it’s recommended you make sure its energy is exerted through walks and play time outside.

The Jack Russell, due to its high energy, isn’t good for toddlers and young children since accidents can occur. This breed is great for older children around eight and up.

The smooth Russell sheds more than the curly, but for both, a brush once a week should do the trick.

It’s recommended that you train your Jack Russell from a puppy since it’s a very intelligent dog; leaving one without training could result in destructive behavior. Owners should possess experience before training these dogs.

Always research before getting the dog you want in your life. It’s a full-time commitment.


Written By: Andrianna Kapralios

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