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That Spooky Time of Year Arts 

That Spooky Time of Year

Can you feel the goosebumps crippling on your neck? Do you catch the smell of fear making its way through the lock of the door? Leaning just for a second to put the final touch to your outfit and there is this hooded baby-masked guy standing right behind you. You do not hear the blood dripping. A nightmare. Then, why does it feel so real and why do you keep waking up from this same awful dream? Referencing one of the hottest rights from the Hollywood oven pieces “Happy Death Day,” we are just one week from that spooky time of the year.

The portal between the mortal and supernatural world opens letting the dead walk on earth again. On October 31st the streets are not a safe place and danger awaits behind every corner. It is that time of the year when the shit in your pants is not a mirage and the dog buried in your backyard might not be there anymore. It is the time of the dark forces of the night when zombies, skeletons, witches, vampires, werewolves and every evil creature takes over. It is Halloween.

That time when coming back from school you think you have spotted a ghost on the porch. Simple mistake – it is just your grandpa fallen asleep after a long day of reading the newspaper. On this date, the devil may come to your home and he will not ask for your soul but for a couple of candy bars. It’s also that time when candy wrappers are covering the ground and children are seemingly possessed by the demon of sweets. No one is tricking because everyone wants to feel the taste of the treating.

Halloween may be one of the many consumerist holidays but at least provides the opportunity to give yourself a break from reality. For a day, you are everything but yourself and you can impersonate anything and anyone but yourself. The popularity and the enjoyment come exactly from the imitation or even the creation of a character. Dressing up is fun especially for the children who cannot miss their chance to pound some extra sugar.


Written By: Yordan Ivanov

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