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First intercollegiate slam poetry competition Campus News 

First intercollegiate slam poetry competition

Slam, or spoken-word poetry, is a growing practice among young adults in North America, and is replacing the classic image of a poet with a more modern version. Spoken-word competitions consist of a series of writers, or modern poets, who read their work aloud, turn by turn: changing the face of poetry, as it is no longer directed towards readers, but to an audience. This allows the author of a poem to employ different techniques to give them a greater control over rhythm, speed, tone of voice, etc., and entices…

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Francophonie Campus 


Nos actions en disent plus à notre sujet que nos mots – eh oui; un beau cliché pour ouvrir cet article! Pourtant, est-ce vraiment mal? Un cliché prends sa valeur de sa vérité… Bon, en tout cas, prêt, pas prêt – ACTION! La Semaine de la francophonie est bien entamée ici au cégep Vanier. Ayant pour thème – ben oui, vous l’avez devinez! – l’action, cet événement annuel se déroule depuis le lundi, 27 février, et prendra fin ce vendredi. Une panoplie d’activités et de conférences auront lieu; prenez bien…

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Fifty Meters & Fourteen Thousand Thoughts Voices 

Fifty Meters & Fourteen Thousand Thoughts

“On your mark, get set…” the loudspeaker announces. I’m on the starting block, waiting for the signal to tell me to begin the race. It’s a small race – only fifty meters, but I’m nervous anyway. I am stronger than my competitors, but I’m anxious none the less. Family and friends are watching in the crowd. I smile at them, but I’m still jittery. I think about receiving the gold medal, but I become even more uneasy. I imagine being in the pool, gliding farther and farther with each stroke….

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The Result of the Rap Battle Campus 

The Result of the Rap Battle

Jake’s mall. Universal Break. February 22nd. Black History Month. Vanier College Free Style Rap Battle 2017… like a moment from a movie. It’s not every day that the student mall is jam-packed with college-goers surrounding a mini stage and lightly dancing/moving to reggae and rap beats, full of inhibitions – at first. The ‘show’ began roughly 20 minutes late, but once the volume was turned up, shyness broke down – a little. By the time the student participants rocked the mic, the atmosphere was almost club-like, in a strange, school-kind…

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In Her Name: Writing Contest Campus 

In Her Name: Writing Contest

From the suffragettes to womanists, progress has certainly been made in terms of women’s rights. Society now tells us we are equal to men – of course, there is still work to be done. This same society also allows for, and makes money from, misogynistic advertising objectifying women. It pays men, on average, more than women for similar employment. We may have come a long way; we still haven’t arrived at equality. Recognizing the challenges of being deemed the ‘weaker sex’, many organizations are supporting International Women’s Day (March 8th)….

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Mes enfants n’ont pas peur du noir – Review Entertainment 

Mes enfants n’ont pas peur du noir – Review

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary theatre-going experience? Contemporary theatre may be just the thing for you! At Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui, the cramped space and unusual stage placement (diagonally across the square room) may raise a few eyebrows, but Jean-Denis Beaudoin’s Mes enfants n’ont pas peur du noir captivates the audience right from the start. Filled with light-hearted tragedy, this production has the audience alternating between sitting on the edge of their seats and erupting with laughter. The play is based on the director’s story, but the references to Hansel and…

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Laughter. With a Cause : Gala Accroche-Coeur fundraiser Entertainment 

Laughter. With a Cause : Gala Accroche-Coeur fundraiser

Not everyone knows where they will sleep tonight. Some aren’t sure whether or not they’ll eat tomorrow. It’s no laughing matter… except in this case, in sort of is. Of course, this in no way indicates that a person’s dire situations are comedic. Rather, it suggests that laughter can help remedy some unfortunate predicaments. In this spirit, the 14th Gala Accroche-coeur turned to local comedians to raise awareness, and funds, to support Fondation Québec Jeunes. The Show MC of the evening, Stéphane Bellavance, opened the show by introducing a special…

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Be Brave; Eat Blind Entertainment 

Be Brave; Eat Blind

 As a child, did you ever walk around your house with your eyes closed, wondering how it might feel to be blind? Montreal’s O.Noir restaurant is like an adult version of that. O.Noir invites you into its pitch-black dining room to enjoy a meal in which the darkness enables the exquisite flavors to be brought out. Though the cashiers and the kitchen staff can see, waiters and waitresses are legally blind. This creates a trust reversal with the general public. While workers are familiar with their environment at the restaurant,…

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Get Up, Get Involved! Campus 

Get Up, Get Involved!

Whether out of good-heartedness, pure boredom, or a need to complete S.T.A.R. Hours, volunteering can be a rewarding experience – and a good way to keep busy. Plus, it looks great on university applications and on your C.V. There are so many places to go, and things to do, that it can be difficult to choose where to share your energy. Vanier College’s Volunteer Fair, held on September 7th during Universal Break, was there to help guide students into community involvement. In case you missed it, the Insider visited the…

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Welcome (Back) Vanier! Voices 

Welcome (Back) Vanier!

Welcome (back) Vanier College students! As you are engulfed by the sea of returning students, and by the swarm of newcomers searching for classrooms, please, do not feel that you have lost your way. You may be exactly where you need to be. Perhaps you’re beginning a program that will lead you straight to your dream job. That’s great! Perhaps, however, you’ll realize over the course of the semester that science, or communications, or social science, or commerce, or nursing, or [insert your program name here] doesn’t quite live up…

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