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Get Up, Get Involved! Campus 

Get Up, Get Involved!

Whether out of good-heartedness, pure boredom, or a need to complete S.T.A.R. Hours, volunteering can be a rewarding experience – and a good way to keep busy. Plus, it looks great on university applications and on your C.V. There are so many places to go, and things to do, that it can be difficult to choose where to share your energy. Vanier College’s Volunteer Fair, held on September 7th during Universal Break, was there to help guide students into community involvement. In case you missed it, the Insider visited the kiosks for you:

The Campus Organization Reaching Everyone (C.O.R.E.) is a group of Vanier students who meet on a regular basis to organize beneficial activities or programs within the school. In previous years, the committee has put on events such as So You Think You Can Dance Vanier, and has raised awareness about moderation with regards to alcohol, while also hosting numerous bake sales throughout every semester. Ask about C.O.R.E. at Student Services (C-203) if you’re looking to join the team.

Campus Sustainability
The sustainability committee – sporting very green posters – shared opportunities to help Vanier flourish as a sustainable institution. Students are welcome to work with them to tend to the community gardens on campus, to assist in events such as Bike Week (Sept. 19th), or to participate in the Vegan Challenge (Students for a Sustainable Future), amongst other endeavors. Myriam Mansour was present, talking about the Sustainability Major, a college-wide major that is action oriented. To get involved, see Student Services, or MIO Mansour.

World University Service Canada, a “Canadian international development non-profit organization”, presents students with a chance to make a difference on a worldwide scale. Specifically showcasing their Student Refugee Program, W.U.S.C. sponsors refugees’ studies in Canada, at a post-secondary level. W.U.S.C. is in search of volunteers to take part in a youth-to-youth sponsorship – like a mentorship. Visit their website to find out more!

Simonet Canada
Simonet is a non-profit organization that helps single mothers improve quality of life for themselves, and for their children. They assist in childcare and other areas in order to give single mothers a better chance at success in going back to school, or in developing new skill sets. Visit their website to find out more!

Jewish Eldercare Centre
The long-term care facility, not far from Vanier, is recruiting volunteers to spend time with the residents; a warm smile and a few words can really make their day! Help with special events is always needed as well. You can also join the Vanier Nursing Home Project and play music there for the elderly (MIO Lauren Lapierre). Visit their website for more information!

Big Brothers and Big Sisters
This well-known organization always needs friendly men and women to become big brothers and big sisters. This means visiting a child at their school once per week, during their lunch hour. The mentorship aids in giving children a better chance at succeeding academically, though homework and academics isn’t a must on the menu. In fact, one can go and simply play with their little brother or little sister – volunteering all while rediscovering the innocence of childhood! Click here to learn more.

Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre
The community centre, whose volunteer centre is located diagonally across the street from Vanier, at Decelles and Ste-Croix, is a way to get involved in a multitude of different projects. Once you sign up, they send you volunteer opportunities that are within your interests and within your area (such as the Montreal Marathon). If you like what you see, you accept the invitation, but if not, no need – there’s no obligation in signing up for their newsletter.

Written By: Katherine Willcocks

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