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Welcome (Back) Vanier! Voices 

Welcome (Back) Vanier!

Welcome (back) Vanier College students!

As you are engulfed by the sea of returning students, and by the swarm of newcomers searching for classrooms, please, do not feel that you have lost your way. You may be exactly where you need to be. Perhaps you’re beginning a program that will lead you straight to your dream job. That’s great! Perhaps, however, you’ll realize over the course of the semester that science, or communications, or social science, or commerce, or nursing, or [insert your program name here] doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. That’s perfectly alright as well. As you embark (or continue) on your post-secondary journey, keep in mind that CÉGEP is a place of transition. Open your mind, and take time to discover your passions, to get to know the adult you are becoming. Remember that it’s okay to take academic detours, or to try something different. Know that you can always change programs if you feel the need, and don’t be shy about chasing your dreams.

When driven by ambition, reach for the sky. Just make sure to take advantage of the school’s resources when your mood or motivation begins to run low. Visit room C-203; learn about student services (financial aid, medical aid, counseling, et cetera). Explore the Learning Centre and drop in at peer tutoring whenever you’re unsure about coursework or grammar. As a community, we want to see you flourish. Vanier hopes that you’ll learn today, and lead tomorrow.

In your scholarly endeavors, remember that even studying must be done with moderation. Balance can seem difficult to attain, but it is well worth trying to achieve, because sometimes, all a person needs is time with their friends. Time away from algebra, and geography, and psychology, and physics. Join a club and get involved; you’ll likely find your home in the Vanier community – that’s how it happened for me.

Joining the Insider, the school’s online newspaper, remains the best decision I have made here at Vanier. The Insider provides a creative outlet beyond the scope of academics, bringing together people with common interests, while keeping writers, photographers, illustrators, and copy editors up-to-date on the latest events around campus.

As Editor-in-Chief, I invite you to see if your home here at Vanier is amongst our friendly team of outsiders-turned-Insiders. Visit us in room D168 – you never know – it may be the best decision you’ll ever make as a Vanier student.

On behalf of the Insiders, welcome (back)! Enjoy the semester.

Written By: Katherine Willcocks

About The Author
Katherine Willcocks Kat has been dabbling in the art of the written word since childhood, dipping her toes in the world of photography every now and then. As a Vanier alumnus who studied in Communications, she explores Spoken Word Poetry, and, of course, journalism.

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