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Astronomical Nostalgia Arts 

Astronomical Nostalgia

Since when have you inspired my pen

To move across the page with such vigor and passion? Rhetorical question, I know it was then

When suddenly emotions were in peak fashion. Times so exiting, I did not even think

That it would come to an end; A screeching halt as I blinked.

And so I lie here only to comprehend the emotional blend that I did in fact send alongside time that I spend

Wondering if this is a trend, if it’s something I can amend. I want Emotional to ascend; to attend

The experience that Rational failed to defend. I’ve begun to depend on these feelings I expend, as I extend

To new horizons which impend. I do not intend to bend or offend

The fragile reality whose beauty I can lend, who’s problems I can mend. These thoughts that I send are real. I tend

To obsess over these risks, I commend my Self for this limbo in which I contend. My head will descend from daydreaming, but I will not pretend

That closure was attained until I suspend my doubt and leave things to probability. This ideal was penned over again as I attempt to transcend

My Self and my Self. I recommend we both negate our susceptibility. Nothing is an impossibility.

In this state of tranquility, I grow when I eat, but die when I drink.

I forget all my anxieties, including the kitchen sink.

If anything, all of this has shown, that I may be alienated, but I am never truly alone.


Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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