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Maybe Arts 


I zoned out again. I have always enjoyed thinking to myself, thinking about who I am. I supposed that I was the protagonist in a story of my own creation. I always delved into these thoughts when I was alone. Coasting down cold snowy roads, skipping across searing hot street, no matter the season, I would still get lost in my thoughts. One particular afternoon was a lovely one. The family would take the car out on day trips, and I would always stare out the window. Through the window…

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BeNny and Joone Arts 

BeNny and Joone

Her words are paper-maché She sews them haphazardly They are broken and eaten and doused in clay She goes ‘round with a clumsy rhyme: brazenly   As she does so, I will stop Always thinking: will I drop? Her stanzas are magical, or perhaps not Maybe I just need to write: ‘tis worth a shot   He writes careful, in a deliberate side-step She writes madness, in a turmoil of a process They’re a sludge of heavy pep Toss the form! It’s a goddamn mess   Neither knows what the…

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Oh well.. I wrote it.. so.. Arts 

Oh well.. I wrote it.. so..

I just don’t feel inspired I have worried and waited I’ve already debated But now I just feel tired   So, so, so much work And more to do still I no longer smirk I have had my fill   In the very beginning Things were always lots of fun But now I just feel “so done” No longer am I grinning   Have I ever felt like this friend? Wanted all my problems to end? I may have some helpful advice Hopefully my words will suffice   I Turn…

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Happenstance Arts 


I let my mind meander, and words find me… If only for a moment, it’s a miracle to see…   Guided through a fog By shallow morning sun All which lay concealed is found   Perplexing past problems, just reflections of a time When questions are asked, and answers are lost If this is ideal, then what is the cost?   How a spring’s breeze, Can echo through the trees As forlorn feelings fall   Someplace, a point in space obscured by memories Exists sweet and pleasant dreams   If…

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I Did Not Write This Arts 

I Did Not Write This

Look at this beautiful image. To kneel before another is a resignation of one’s will, perhaps it is that. I was scared when come nighttime because I didn’t want to resign as the sun and moon do for each other. I didn’t want to rise and fall as the sun does every cycle, so I drove on this empty road chasing the sun as it sat, roosted on the horizon. Bowing down to others when the day was done use to be the norm for me. But where am I…

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Ingrain Arts 


This is just a flight plan That I don’t understand I’m but a wayward leaf Not knowing where I’ll land     In the mirror today I asked for a favour To find a way To not see failure     In the face of sheer doubt Why continue trying Why keep insisting My dreams are undying     In this life It’s causing such strife When these emotions won’t cease I want only peace     Traversing across This desolate land sighing I thought plants would grow To myself…

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When Am I…? Arts 

When Am I…?

I look outside this layer of glass, And find what I can see. I regard waves of light in their infinite mass, And in them I see me   Me? I ask. Who is this person? He is a creature like the rest; he consumes space and time. How is his condition? Is it bad, will it worsen? I think now and again; he must hear familiar bells chime.   If I can hear such bells, then I know I have air. It makes its way to my cerebrum, creating…

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Just a Waver Arts 

Just a Waver

If you can read this Then you can’t You aren’t allowed To be more than an ant.   Treacherous tiny traps lock you away Within the earth Where you will stay.   Flicker Falter Twinkle Tremble   Footsteps approach Pitter patter Palpitating dirt Thinking minds shatter.   When you were young These were but dreams Stop thinking now It is never as it seems. Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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On the BuS Arts 

On the BuS

Not a day goes by where I don’t feel anxious. I look down thinking, as I ask: what’s wrong with me? My thoughts are in disarray as I mount this run-down public transportation vehicle. The driver wastes no time, which causes my reference frame to become non-inertial. However, I don’t struggle to maintain my balance, at least, not right now. Fortunately, there are two empty adjacent seats. Some days, I encounter friends on these mobile waiting rooms, but not today. It’s for the best. I wouldn’t want to irritate them…

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