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BeNny and Joone Arts 

BeNny and Joone

Her words are paper-maché

She sews them haphazardly

They are broken and eaten and doused in clay

She goes ‘round with a clumsy rhyme: brazenly


As she does so, I will stop

Always thinking: will I drop?

Her stanzas are magical, or perhaps not

Maybe I just need to write: ‘tis worth a shot


He writes careful, in a deliberate side-step

She writes madness, in a turmoil of a process

They’re a sludge of heavy pep

Toss the form! It’s a goddamn mess


Neither knows what the other is doing

Excited thoughts and feelings are brewing

When they both strike their pages with pen

Words despise, words disperse, time and again


They know the taste of the ink on their fingertips

And the thrill of the prose on the eyes of the people

It’s poetry 101; build and burn- sketch out the apocalypse!

For a glimpse of your soul in a scratched-out steeple


They are the architects of each other’s magnificence,

Poetic structure is the catalyst indeed

Euphoric ghosts trapped amidst flames of indifference,

A stimulating outside world which we must feed


Feed, or devour?

They chew the air and spit it out

Writers: cross our hearts for the eleventh hour

Tick, tock, it’s a storybot, and writers flock with an early shout.


Surrounding such writers as those,

Is often wistful imperfection

They spent each moment absorbing life’s blows

In search of their own reflection


She curdles her own words, cooks string cheese and calls it blue;;

He nuzzles against the voice in his mind, perplexed by something new;;

They stretch their wounds to a structured form, but if they only knew- –

We expel tears from your head, resurrect the dead, form in an instant, but for a lifetime are in view


Written By: June Rossaert & BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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