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Carnival-Woman Arts 


I believe I am a Carnival,

A cheap attraction; STEP RIGHT UP!

I am a visual masterpiece

I’ll blow your mind in sweaty plastic colours


I am a kitsch Wonderland,

Ring a ride on the merry-go-round,

I’ll spin you round, and whistle in tiny tunes

At twenty-five cents a pop


I am a capital C Clown,

Horse balloons and penny tricks

So pick a card, any card-

And I’ll show you how to make a nightmare


I am a Pirate Ship,

Broken rhythm, in the warm, putrid sun

I’ll make you sick, for a chance to feel the sea

In an empty cornfield


I am a Plush Toy,

Win me over Mr. Strong, just a great big hit

But honey, I’m a scam

I’m rigged for disappointment


I am the Cotton Candy,

Sickly sweet and pink and blue

I melt in the heat

And you taste the rust of my making machine


I believe I am a Carnival,

I speak in crying children

And I razzle and I rot, and I dazzle, and I scar

But honey, don’t worry


I’ve gone by fall.

Written By: June Rossaert

About The Author
June Rossaert June Rossaert is a Vanier alumnus who studied as a Communications student at Vanier, with a background in Visual Arts and Cinema from the Saint-Hyacinthe Cegep. She is an aspiring novelist, poet and screenwriter hoping to obtain a degree in creative writing and literature. Her parents, one might be surprised to hear, are rather supportive of her chosen field, perhaps because they have yet to lose hope that she will eventually earn enough money to survive on her own, and her friends are simply blind optimists. June Rossaert is, essentially, a hopeless nerd with a passion for the written word which she desperately hopes to transfer through her works.

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