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Oh well.. I wrote it.. so.. Arts 

Oh well.. I wrote it.. so..

I just don’t feel inspired

I have worried and waited

I’ve already debated

But now I just feel tired


So, so, so much work

And more to do still

I no longer smirk

I have had my fill


In the very beginning

Things were always lots of fun

But now I just feel “so done”

No longer am I grinning


Have I ever felt like this friend?

Wanted all my problems to end?

I may have some helpful advice

Hopefully my words will suffice


I Turn a blind eye to hassles of stress

Work though the anxiety, fear and doubt

When life seems like it’s a chaotic mess

Don’t run from your problems, figure them out


I’m playing a game with rules I don’t know

Always ending up with nothing to show

“This poem is terrible” I might think

Like trying to drown in a skating rink


Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

About The Author
BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner Former Editor-in-Chief “I’ll never know everything about anything, but I’d like to know something about everything.” - BeN/Isaac BeN is the former Editor in Chief of The Insider, now an alumni contrbutor. An embodiment of the duality between Rational and Emotional thought, this universe’s version of BeN is presumed to be a human living on PNF-404 prior to the planet’s sixth mass extinction. In the currently observed timeline, he is born in a Quebec, Canada during the information age. He is very skilled at utilizing the English language, alongside philosophical ideas, as a means to an end. However, he doesn’t seem to have any tangible goal. Everything he seeks is very abstract. He often implies that the entirety of everything is itself a work of art being consumed in some unfathomable way. I am Isaac Dinotno, the name he has given to the voice in his mind. He and I are in perpetual communication. BeN claims to have experienced astral projection during peak emotional periods of his life, though I can’t verify this. If you are reading this now, you can find BeN at Concordia University.

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