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A Tale of 2 VCSA Meetings Campus 

A Tale of 2 VCSA Meetings

On the last Tuesday of August, I attended two meetings held by our Students’ Association. The first one was casual and fun – its goal was to inform the dozens of students who’d signed up as volunteers to help the VCSA. In preparation for the next day’s Orientation Week BBQ, President Whi took the time to explain the Association’s role in the school (as representatives of the student body) and to help the volunteer staff understand how they’d be involved. It was light, fun, and there was pizza.

A little while later, I was in the VCSA’s office with the editor of this newspaper, The Insider, sitting around a table with many members of the VCSA council. We were there to get the newspaper’s budget filed and approved. What had seemed like it would be a simple process of exploring last years’ turn of events soon slowed down with due process. “Robert’s Rules of Order” was regularly called into play with gavel-knockings and motion-movings and secondsings. We were eventually told we’d have to submit a document outlining the intended use of the money we were asking for and left. There was plenty of food, however.

As of this writing, your editor-in-chief, BeN, has prepared the budget proposal and it’s been submitted to the VCSA for approval. In short, we’re asking for about seventy-five hundred dollars to publish seven runs of 500 8-page paper issues between now and the end of the semester. In all likelihood, the budget should be approved and we hope to get our first paper issue out to you on September 20th.

If you’ve got any articles, stories, photos, poems, art or notices you’d like to submit… please do!! We’re looking for content and everybody is welcome to pitch in!!


Written By: John Martzouco

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