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The Amazing Race Vanier Campus 

The Amazing Race Vanier

“We cannot choose, win or lose” was the catch phrase of the final Saturday of August. Truly original and witty, team Indecisives probably gave enough material for the writers of ‘The Amazing Race’ Canada. And now thinking about the repetitive finishing line of Jon Montgomery at the end of every leg, it just seems so dry and expected. Vanier has so much to offer when it comes to improvisation.

On the 26th of last month, the last team to arrive was also a winner. The college for the first time decided to spice its intensive walks on the weekend up with something more innovative and exciting. All three classes of gym teachers: Julia Marta, Martine Dugrenier and Joey Stafford-Abbott, participated in what would have been a student edition of the popular TV show ‘The Amazing Race’. Despite the set in stone purpose for physical activity, the main goal of this experience was to have fun and get to know new people while vigorously wandering around the city of Montreal.

Per usual, the so-called Saturday classes of intensive courses deal with a route from point A to B. Hence, The Amazing Race Vanier gave its scholars the opportunity to explore by foot, bus and metro some of the most common landmarks of our town.  More than 30 competitors formed seven teams with 10 to 15 contestants. Each of them had to come up with a name, chant and pose. Due to the small budget and the fact of this being a try-out, the letter-form clues were switched to text messages. Photos acted as digital proofs of accomplishing a task. The rules were simple: 1- Always stay together; 2- Use only the mentioned above means of transportation; and the third one of course was to enjoy the day.

It all began at nine a.m. when the first team exited the sports complex in pursuit of their first clue. Soon all seven were out into the bold world, fiercely chasing victory and the prize of quarter of a million dollars. No, wait, this is fake news, there was no money involved. This improvised endeavor of our teachers was entirely concentrated on the experience of: familiarizing with what a team spirit is, and secondly, the opportunity of being a part of a fun yet healthy personal challenge. And the visited places varied from the cluster of significant buildings around the Olympic Stadium, to little shops such as the Fairmount Bagel, until the finishing line at the Biosphere in park Jean-Drapeau.

Besides the burning thighs and calves, and the sweat, everyone found the race as something refreshing in comparison to the uniformity of college activities. Ideas like this one are what keep the interest of the student going. Even though there was not a determined winner, team Indecisives was probably the ultimate favorite, one full of character and intelligence and of course a lot of indecisiveness.


Written By: Yordan Ivanov

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