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CRC Robotics Competition at Vanier Campus 

CRC Robotics Competition at Vanier

The CRC is an annual event that where students from their respective schools ranging from high school to college can compete to show off their ingenuity, creativity and technical skills. Every team must have a robot made specifically for the challenge designed for that year, an informative website and a promotional video featuring their team and their school.

This year’s event was held at Vanier College, where teams faced each other off in a 2 vs 2 setting in the G-complex’s mirror room where an arena was set up along with benches for spectators. These matches lasted for five minutes and the goal was to be able to launch playing pieces onto the opposing team’s side to score points. The more difficult the area, the more point they earned. Players can also defend incoming pieces by either blocking them, moving them into the gaps or sending them back!

All schools had their own beautifully decorated, unique and well thought-out kiosk located in Gym B. The teams spent months working to perfect them, and the effort was clearly noticeable. Favorite kiosks included the Naruto themed kiosk, the Alien themed one (from the movie) and the Adventure Time kiosks.

(Sorry Vanier, almost forgot – you’re Vault tech themed kiosk was cool too.) Props to all the participants from all school’s for their talent and sportsmanship.

To see the list of winners for each category visit the CRC robotics website at:


Written By: Mohammed Choudhury

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