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I write this to you knowing not whether it will go through, as my last message and regret. I’m sorry for hurting you – although this is what I choose, even though you tried to keep me in check. My feelings changed as the seasons went by, from my birth in spring; like fall in my depression. I may have been strong in the summer, but now I feel all the more dumber. Winter is coming.

My faith once under your guidance, absolute; but the questions that came in time lead me astray. In doubt. With sorrow and loss.

I remember the times I came to you — smile and joy. Your presence made me even less coy. The days that we passed, in my mind, were bright when I looked at your face. Safety and comfort in your pleasant serene embrace. Your soft yellow voice ended my daily haste. And when my spirit was in disarray, you came my way, and relieved me of my stress.

And for that, you have my eternal thanks.

But when my secrets were revealed… unfortunately that changed how you feel, and an old relationship is laid to rest. It’s sad to say, but I am no longer the same – the person you once knew is dead.

A bitter end to these days, I’ve had to part ways, never to see each of you again.

Sorry, once again, my time is due soon;
I’m thinking of you my friend.


Written By: Mohammed F. Choudhury

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