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Vanier Renames Their Athletic Teams to “Vanier Squirrels” Campus 

Vanier Renames Their Athletic Teams to “Vanier Squirrels”

The Vanier College athletic teams have achieved extraordinary results since their creation, and they continue to be the best teams on many fields and courts. The Cheetahs basketball and football teams have been exceptional recently in their participation in regional playoffs. However, many Vanier students find the name “Cheetahs” to be too disconnected as most of the students have never seen a real Cheetah. In fact, Cheetahs are mammals who are wildly present in parts of the Africa and Iran, but their footpaths are non-existent in North America. The only…

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Danny DeVito Confirmed for Super Smash Brothers Switch News 

Danny DeVito Confirmed for Super Smash Brothers Switch

Throughout the past few weeks, news and speculation surrounding the confirmed release of a new Super Smash Brothers game on the Nintendo Switch have been circulating on the Internet. Super Smash Brothers, or Smash Brothers is a fighting game that pits video game characters against one another in competitive battles, and is renowned for the complex combos and move sets that the characters have. Ever since Nintendo aired a surprise trailer for the game at the end of the last Nintendo Direct, speculation as to new characters, stages and battle…

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A Tunnel From The D Building To The N Building is Planned for 2018 Campus 

A Tunnel From The D Building To The N Building is Planned for 2018

The outdoor temperature is minus 25°C, the snow storm is hitting in full force. You look at your schedule; the next class is in N531. You take a deep breath: “Oh. The N Building walk…” If you’re a Vanier student, you know this struggle too well. However, the famous “N Building walk” will soon be put into the history books, thanks to the recent announcement of a new underground tunnel linking the D Building and the N Building. According to documents obtained by The Insider, the 9-meter-wide tunnel will start…

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Three Little Peas News 

Three Little Peas

Marine Rivoal’s Three Little Peas is a book about friendship, family and trust. It takes place in an unknown garden in which plant life is characterized as grey and aseptic. Two little peas, a luscious, vibrant green, pop out of their pods of oppression to explore the hostile land. The two little peas, almost identical in form except for a few minute details requiring a lot of time to distinguish, brave the monsters lying beyond the safety of their pod. They scale up precipitous trees, ere under poisonous mushrooms and…

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Why Bob Clark’s Baby Geniuses Should Be Hailed as a Modern Masterpiece Entertainment 

Why Bob Clark’s Baby Geniuses Should Be Hailed as a Modern Masterpiece

What is a masterpiece? One might come to ponder. Cinematically, one might point to films such as Orson Welle’s Citizen Kane, or Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Both have their own personal merits, but might I suggest a different approach, a film oft overlooked: Baby Geniuses.   The premise of the film is a simple one. A faculty of scientists uncover that babies are born with vast knowledge of the universe, and can communicate through an otherwise indecipherable language, Babytalk, which they lose once they reach toddler age and…

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Not Again! Sports 

Not Again!

This just has to be the biggest nightmare for the Montreal Canadians. With the playoffs starting in a week, the Montreal Canadians are looking to secure their 25th Stanley Cup in franchise history. They have had a strong rebound this year compared to last season, finishing first in the Atlantic division, even with the big coaching change and the addition of five new players, one of them being enforcer Steve Ott, who has been a quiet, but very nice addition to the squad. So where does this nightmare come out…

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