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Not Again!

This just has to be the biggest nightmare for the Montreal Canadians.

With the playoffs starting in a week, the Montreal Canadians are looking to secure their 25th Stanley Cup in franchise history. They have had a strong rebound this year compared to last season, finishing first in the Atlantic division, even with the big coaching change and the addition of five new players, one of them being enforcer Steve Ott, who has been a quiet, but very nice addition to the squad.

So where does this nightmare come out from you might ask? Well, it has happened again – a complete repeat of last year, except this time, it has come at the worst moment possible. After conquering their division, and starting off the season in record fashion, the Montreal Canadians are going to have it tough in the postseason as their biggest piece of the puzzle will not be joining them for the road to the cup. If you haven’t already guessed it, CAREY PRICE IS INJURED AGAIN!

By far the Habs best player in quite some time, he is on the sidelines again, watching from the press box, as he has pulled his groin once again. Not only is this a complete nightmare scenario for the Canadians organization, a déjà-vu in fact, but Price also injured himself in a pointless game against the Florida Panthers: this team has already been knocked out of playoff contention anyway. It would have been a lot wiser for Al Montoya to play this one, especially that it is against his former team.

The Canadians are squaring off against the New York Rangers, one of the offensive power houses in the league; having the odds massively against them as the last time they played this team in the playoffs, as it was without Carey Price, giving the floor to Dustin Tokarski, the Habs were eliminated after five contests – not the best statistic for a Montreal fan to hear heading into the postseason.

It just really sucks to be a Habs fan right now! After going through a miserable and long season last year and now waiting 82 games to see the Canadians back in playoff hockey, Price, their best player and most important piece, has gotten hurt once again. It’s just no fun at all; but sometimes in life, things don’t go your way, and you must deal with the obstacle in the best way possible.

In my opinion, I fancy the Rangers to beat a Priceless Montreal in five games, but then again, I cannot keep lying to my readers, as everything I have mentioned in this article is a complete lie and extremely absurd! April Fools everyone!!!

Written By: Brandon Brini

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