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Danny DeVito Confirmed for Super Smash Brothers Switch News 

Danny DeVito Confirmed for Super Smash Brothers Switch

Throughout the past few weeks, news and speculation surrounding the confirmed release of a new Super Smash Brothers game on the Nintendo Switch have been circulating on the Internet. Super Smash Brothers, or Smash Brothers is a fighting game that pits video game characters against one another in competitive battles, and is renowned for the complex combos and move sets that the characters have.

Ever since Nintendo aired a surprise trailer for the game at the end of the last Nintendo Direct, speculation as to new characters, stages and battle moves have been disused at length by fans on online forums, blogs, and YouTube videos.

Prominent gaming news network IGN recently leaked a screenshot on their website alongside an article, which confirmed actor Danny DeVito as a character in the newest installment in the Smash Brothers series. IGN has many confidential sources that are on the inside at Nintendo of America and one of them snapped a quick picture of the character select screen of the game, which IGN has exclusively obtained.

In information shared by IGN’s confidential source, Danny DeVito was chosen to appear in the game due to his diverse acting skills and massive character repertoire, but largely he was chosen because of the viral New York Times video he was featured in on their YouTube channel. In the video, DeVito acts out a certain scene in the Broadway play The Price by Arthur Miller. In this scene, he has to eat an entire hard-boiled egg while delivering his lines. DeVito meticulously explains the thought process of eating an egg, and the video is very informative and introspective, not to mention the great close-ups and chewing sounds of DeVito eating an egg. The world needed this video and to see Danny DeVito eating an egg, hence why it soared to stardom resulting in the creation of many memes, and it catching Nintendo’s eye.

As for DeVito’s move set, we have limited information surrounding his possible attacks and combos. IGN’s confidential source insured that there would be an egg-related attack though, as well as one where he crawls out of a couch slathered in sweat.

Fans are eagerly awaiting more to be revealed about Danny DeVito’s appearance in the new Super Smash Brothers, and Nintendo is always sure to deliver great characters, so it will be interesting to see what becomes of his appearance in the game. Perhaps he will even make it to fox tier levels!



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