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Sonic (Deviant Art) Forces & Knuckles Entertainment 

Sonic (Deviant Art) Forces & Knuckles

This is an action-packed game! My character has a backstory that is too broad to mention, being an ally with all the protagonists known in the Sonic universe which I’ve written about. I’m a notable member of a prestigious art community on a website that I will not mention for the sake of anonymity. For years, many of my literary works in the form of fiction have been published online and positively received by thousands of scholarly partisans worldwide.


Most comments consist of remarks such as “Wow! Awesome! Amazing! Can’t wait 4 more X3. Fav!!”. This is highly encouraging for my future endeavors as an avid writer. Once I’ve customized my character to my liking, it was time to join the rebellion known as the “Resistance” against Dr. Robotnik’s army – a worthy opponent of my character’s caliber who possesses powers beyond comprehension. It’s a shame that those abilities couldn’t be implemented in the gameplay, they were soon replaced by a flamethrower – courtesy of Knuckles the Enchilada himself.


The Resistance keeps on referring to my original character as “Rookie” and avoids using pronouns at all costs for lack of creative narration. To compensate for very little voice acting made by my character (which consisted of mostly grunts), fist pumps with Modern Sonic were made! Not to mention those cutscenes where my character gradually becomes more confident in defeating challenging foes, thanks to those awkward flashbacks of Modern Sonic’s automated and encouraging words. Swarms of robots were massacred by consistently holding down one button on the gaming pad, which takes great skill and patience on my part by the way.


Overall, this game gives me the opportunity to further implement my character’s involvement and validity in the Sonic universe. I give it a rating of one Chao/10. Like the Sonic fan base, they’re difficult to please, and like the Sonic series, they change far too much in an effort to get better.


Written By: Alaina Roberts

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