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Floral Beauty Arts 

Floral Beauty

Photo By: Sosse Karasarkissian


Floral Beauty

It’s on the tip of my tongue;

The solar rays subsiding;

A flower’s bloom is subtle yet bold

We’ve been enticed beyond this threshold.


In such a game, I plea for objection

My thoughts fail to resonate

The body is the weeping of a parting soul,

Life cannot last

The objective is clear

But the heart smolders into indifferent charcoal.

The mysticism behind the eyes

A soft gaze which conceals synthesis;

Entering a secret room in the back of my mind

Emotion, intellect, the spirit;

Are not intrinsically tied,

Until after the setting where the flower unwinds.

Desire strikes, planting its roots

Keep growing, my army is gone;

A trillion cells form this person

An amazing machine which bestows much surprise

Fight my demons; they have nothing to do,

A collection of memories wait, I am certain.

A blade of ideas cuts deep into thoughts

Ephemeral experience bleeds out

With whom I haven’t met, I cannot part

Death slowly encroaches into my arms;

This flower can satisfy,

The bleeding art.


Written By: Isaac Dinotno

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