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Nineteen Eighty-Four: George Orwell and Michael Radford’s Call For Anarchist Revolution Entertainment 

Nineteen Eighty-Four: George Orwell and Michael Radford’s Call For Anarchist Revolution

  ”You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit or it is nowhere.” –Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed ”At one time in the world, there were woods that no one owned” –Cormac McCarthy, Child of God Michael Radford’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) is a brilliant adaptation of George Orwell’s novel of the same name, originally published in 1949. The film follows Winston Smith (John Hurt) as he struggles to find truth and meaning in the oppressive regime put…

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Silence Arts 


I think in swollen metaphors, I am not drowning, I am eaten So I hold my thumb on the pulse of the universe and it is dead;   I spin my mind like fingers for fun, And dream my veins soiled in chocolate cake So I taste the sweetened marrow and my teeth mold in cheap rum   My throat wilts and dries, I am not a flower in winter, I am a weed in a housefire So I kiss the arson on the mouth and it tastes like warmth…

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Why Bob Clark’s Baby Geniuses Should Be Hailed as a Modern Masterpiece Entertainment 

Why Bob Clark’s Baby Geniuses Should Be Hailed as a Modern Masterpiece

What is a masterpiece? One might come to ponder. Cinematically, one might point to films such as Orson Welle’s Citizen Kane, or Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Both have their own personal merits, but might I suggest a different approach, a film oft overlooked: Baby Geniuses.   The premise of the film is a simple one. A faculty of scientists uncover that babies are born with vast knowledge of the universe, and can communicate through an otherwise indecipherable language, Babytalk, which they lose once they reach toddler age and…

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NarcissistInTheThirdVerse Arts 


I’m not a musician, but I wish I was. Soundscapes weaving the heart Vibrations burning cyan   I’m half a mile away from bursting to flames, I can taste the heat from an inch of my fingers, Hit the ground.   I’m not a scientist, but I wish I was. Physics tying strings in the stars Building smoke and bubbling black   My heart is a hammer, Flying off to the rush, the edge of the firework Feel my blood in steam   I’m not a comedian, but I wish…

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A Review of Disney’s Moana Entertainment 

A Review of Disney’s Moana

Disney’s Moana is the final product of a group of extremely talented individuals working within the constraints of a restrictive and heavily outdated film structure. The film follows the story of young Moana, the daughter of her native island’s ruler, and destined to take over the role in her adult life. Her strong desire for adventure and exploration clashes heavily with her father’s insistence that she must remain within the confines of the island for her own safety. She obviously rebels and the basic storyline unfolds much as one would…

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French Sea In Haikus; Fragments Of A Mother Arts 

French Sea In Haikus; Fragments Of A Mother

A lioness speaks; Of war, breeze, and battle scars Whispers to her cub Anguished cries of a Cracked child pulled from the warm mud Kissed wounds for a dime Soft-furred open paws For the ripped paper doll kids Claws to the matches But lioness in a Sundress, a wicked guide for Bandaid heroines Scarlet lullabies Harsh bark of a gentle tongue Cub in a straight curve Twilight roars, star-jaw  Hot coals for a shattered view Black glass finger-kiss A lioness bites; Cracked neck of a passerby Royal feast in stains…

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Fantastic Beasts and Complex Cinema Entertainment 

Fantastic Beasts and Complex Cinema

           Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a film which struggles to find its balance. In many ways, the film is what could only be described as ‘Harry Potter for Adults’, in several other ways, however, it is the most childish of them all. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that a great amount of talent went into the creation of this film. Visually, it is by far both the most beautiful and most creative film of the entire franchise. Its bold use of colour is refreshing in the era…

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A Review of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival Entertainment 

A Review of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival

                 Denis Villeneuve’s new science-fiction film, Arrival, starring Amy Adams, would be best described as an experience. The plot builds onto itself, appearing clumsy and strange as the story begins, alternating between a slow buildup with frequent repetitions, and plot advancements which seem to happen too fast. The flow is murky and shifting, and yet the film takes hold in a very powerful way at a critical time, and from then, is unrelenting. The film’s form, in this sense, is intimately connected to its subject matter: Linguistics.   The…

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Untitled Arts 


Allotted a steel corner in the Boardroom hall Crouched on pin legs the Devil’s pet dances   Entertainment for the Fallen crowd, merging, mending, swarming Gallows for a trumped up Heartbeat like a hummingbird’s wings   Insides boiling, slick slab of skin molding Justice for the raging madman Kill the sea of bulging Larvae building up   Multiplying, feverish dreams toying with the mind Never-ending maze Obvious buildup for the cracking skulls Please, please, please, help m-   Quarter of a person Recycled parts for the people Sold into admiration…

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