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There is a Monster Under My Bed Vanier Alumni 

There is a Monster Under My Bed

There is a monster under my bed
And I shout and scream at it
And I beat it with a stick
There it goes under and out of reach

Mum says I am being too noisy
Doesn’t she hear the monster growl?
Doesn’t she see its ruby claws?
Mum’s eyes were all scratched out

The monster shakes the bed from under
So I plant a knife through it
So I pull a bloody knife from it
The monster goes all quiet

Mum says I am scaring her
But she can’t see the monster’s teeth
But she can’t see the monster’s toes
Mum says I need to see a man that’ll help

The man is not a monster hunter
He is just a man in a chair with big words
He sits me down and tells me to talk
The man knows I prefer growling

Mum says it’s going to be okay
But she can’t hear the man’s voice
But she can’t feel her scratched eyes
Mum says a lot but doesn’t get much

The monster is there tonight
So I try to push him out
So I kick and press and pull
The monster stays heavy on the carpet

Mum touches my face and kisses my hair
Doesn’t she know that it burns?
Doesn’t she feel the trashing rage?
Mum tells me goodnight and sleep tight

There is a monster under my bed
And I’ve never given it a look
And I’m scared but I kneel down under
There is a little boy under my bed


Written By: June Rossaert (


About The Author
June Rossaert June Rossaert is a Vanier alumnus who studied as a Communications student at Vanier, with a background in Visual Arts and Cinema from the Saint-Hyacinthe Cegep. She is an aspiring novelist, poet and screenwriter hoping to obtain a degree in creative writing and literature. Her parents, one might be surprised to hear, are rather supportive of her chosen field, perhaps because they have yet to lose hope that she will eventually earn enough money to survive on her own, and her friends are simply blind optimists. June Rossaert is, essentially, a hopeless nerd with a passion for the written word which she desperately hopes to transfer through her works.

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