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Social Science Festival – Shedding Light Campus 

Social Science Festival – Shedding Light

Editor’s note: we were fortunate enough to have two students cover the malawi nursing panel presentation. Parts of the two articles have been put together, as they are complementary to each other.   This week, we got the opportunity to hear Alex Mota speak about her project at the Malawi Experience talk during the Social Science Festival. She was very dedicated and made us think about many things we take for granted.[1] Alex is a social science student who had tried to make the subject of menstruation less taboo.[2] She…

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A Trip to World Press Photo Features 

A Trip to World Press Photo

Have you ever heard the saying: “A picture worth is worth 1000 words”? A singular photograph can be interpreted from so many perspectives, from so many angles, and can depict a story of great complexity.   World Press Photo is an international photography competition that allows photojournalists to display their work, and tell a story through the images they have taken. There is a total of eight categories in the competition, and within each category there is a winning individual photo, and a winning story (series) of photos.   The…

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The Amazing Race Vanier Campus 

The Amazing Race Vanier

“We cannot choose, win or lose” was the catch phrase of the final Saturday of August. Truly original and witty, team Indecisives probably gave enough material for the writers of ‘The Amazing Race’ Canada. And now thinking about the repetitive finishing line of Jon Montgomery at the end of every leg, it just seems so dry and expected. Vanier has so much to offer when it comes to improvisation. On the 26th of last month, the last team to arrive was also a winner. The college for the first time…

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First Day of School Designated International Doom’s Day News 

First Day of School Designated International Doom’s Day

In a landmark decision in The Hague last week, the oldest tribunal on the planet, The Thing of Gröenland, was forced to acknowledge the peoples’ will and designate the first day of the academic year as DOOM’s DAY! When pressed for details, President-Elect Ferris Bueller said, “Við erum að alast upp togetehr, the human race og við höfum uppgötvað mikið af því sem við vissum ekki. Við erum að finna leið okkar. Í stað þess að hugsa um Doom’s Day allan tímann, hugsa um hversu fallegt heimurinn er. Við erum…

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Without a GPS Voices 

Without a GPS

It starts out with one questionable choice, followed by two more bad decisions, and next thing you know, you’re standing at an intersection trying to figure out if three wrongs really will make a right.   Everybody has found themselves nestled in a car seat, comfortably cruising down that long highway that represents childhood. The roads are smooth, the directions, well-indicated. And anyway, you don’t really need to pay attention; someone else is driving. All you have to do is enjoy the ride. Play with your feet. Make some noise….

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Simply – Happiness Voices 

Simply – Happiness

Happiness is a derivative of life: in directly aiming to achieve it, it can be diminished. The serenity of happiness follows not from the pursuit of it; it stems rather from an accumulation of pleasurable moments. Yes, it is cliché, but the little things really do make up our existence. One such nothingness of my life that I cannot overlook is the memory of a joyful autumn day from November 2013. A school field trip to Montreal’s Salon des métiers d’arts automatically started the day off on a positive note. Beyond that,…

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Fifty Meters & Fourteen Thousand Thoughts Voices 

Fifty Meters & Fourteen Thousand Thoughts

“On your mark, get set…” the loudspeaker announces. I’m on the starting block, waiting for the signal to tell me to begin the race. It’s a small race – only fifty meters, but I’m nervous anyway. I am stronger than my competitors, but I’m anxious none the less. Family and friends are watching in the crowd. I smile at them, but I’m still jittery. I think about receiving the gold medal, but I become even more uneasy. I imagine being in the pool, gliding farther and farther with each stroke….

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A Letter from a fellow Vanier student Voices 

A Letter from a fellow Vanier student

Dear Readers, I’m Anora. I’m a writer and a photographer, wishing to pursue both professionally, and working towards that goal. I originally was going to write about my first week at Vanier, but honestly, it was nothing special – just different. Instead, I will focus on a few special moments in the first month of cegep at Vanier. So much has happened so far and it has been really different. To start off, I have been making many friends at school – though ironically, the majority of them are boys…

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