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A Letter from a fellow Vanier student Voices 

A Letter from a fellow Vanier student

Dear Readers,

I’m Anora. I’m a writer and a photographer, wishing to pursue both professionally, and working towards that goal. I originally was going to write about my first week at Vanier, but honestly, it was nothing special – just different.

Instead, I will focus on a few special moments in the first month of cegep at Vanier. So much has happened so far and it has been really different. To start off, I have been making many friends at school – though ironically, the majority of them are boys from my high school. I never thought that I would reconnect with all these people I barely knew. They are all very sweet and have been essential in making my day, or making my week, time and time again.

There’s this one boy from high school that I started texting over the summer. Since then, we hang out almost all the time. He has admitted to liking me; more than friends. I had no idea what to tell him. I, Anora, who has never had a boyfriend and hasn’t even had her first kiss. He’s the first to admit his feelings to me… but I don’t know what I feel about him. Maybe it’s the braces, or the way he acts with his friends; I am unsure. I tried to answer without hurting him. We’ve simply become friends, and I still enjoy every moment of it.

In the past months though, I’ve developed an interest in someone else. He will remain a mystery man to you, readers; however, I will tell you how it has been. He is sweet and funny. He is weird, just as I am sometimes, and he is beyond attractive to my eyes. Although I have my suspicions, I do not know where he stands about us. Truly, I am convinced he has a girlfriend. He has been flirting with me, but I have no idea what’s going on. Some of my special moments in college so far have been with him. He sits next to me in class, saves a seat for me. He is the ideal boy for me… but this time, I do not know how he feels.

Yes, my cegep days have mostly revolved around boys. That is because I have never experienced ‘it’ yet. Other than classes and endless studying and assignments, potential romance has been the only remotely interesting part. I do not spend time with friends because of our clashing schedules that make it impossible to ever hang out with them. I have gone apple picking in the past few weekends, filmed an interview, painted many paintings, and attended high school graduation. The ceremony was last weekend; I graduated with honors and won two awards. It was simply wonderful to walk up on that stage; I finally felt recognized after years of hard work and ignorance.

Finally, there was homecoming. Not at all what I thought it would be – it was simply to pick up our gowns. I went, got my gown and yearbook. I proceeded to get it signed by all my friends, finally hanging out with them. For the first time in weeks of feeling alone, I saw my friends again. It was an amazing feeling. We went to hang out at Mcdonalds and had a great time.

That is it for now really. Not too much has happened. I wanted to write about it anonymously because that’s just how I feel comfortable. I will keep writing – anonymous Anora. Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,


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  1. http://zeina

    How beautiful! :’))

  2. http://Just%20Me

    Insightful, candid look into your personal experience. Kudos for sharing with us! Keep it coming!

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