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The Invisible Child Arts Voices 

The Invisible Child

It was a windy day and Brian’s family had decided to go to the shore next to the sea. They had settled down on a pier and were looking around when Paulina Mama said: “I’m so bored, nothing has happened in the past few weeks”. Papa Alex looked thoughtfully for a moment then brightened up as an idea hit him. He turned to Brian, who was sitting to his right and said:   “I’m going to push Paulina Mama into the sea”.   “What?!”, exclaimed Brain. He glanced over to…

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The Silver Cell Voices 

The Silver Cell

You’re my silver cell: you keep me waiting and at the end of the day you never come. You never know once I come undone. You’re my silver cell: I play nice just for you but that’s not the real me. You’re my silver cell: part of my molecule system, you are contagious at the wrong time. You’re my silver cell: There’s only one but all other cellular molecules are influenced by you. You’re my silver cell: I say I’m fine but I am dyeing inside because all my molecules…

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How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill Features 

How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill

I was in the Peer Tutoring Center talking about cultures when it happened. A piercing screech nearly busted my eardrums. It was a fire! I managed to freeze out of my seat and grab my papers to get out of school. I walked across the room, crossed the library reception, passed the bunch of people and waited for the student hoard to go down the staircase. I walked down the stair case to the first floor and made my way across the cafeteria and exited the building. I continued across…

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Potatoes, Earth and Society Features 

Potatoes, Earth and Society

  “The potato is a remarkable plant. It can grow in a wide range of climates and altitudes, it is much more productive than any other staple crop, and its tubers are so nutritious that it is possible for people to live on them alone. It has contributed to changing the course of history in numerous ways, from the rise of the Inca empire, in native Peru, to the wars in Europe of the 17th and 18th centuries and the terrible famine that occurred in Ireland in the middle of…

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The Birdhouse Showcase! Campus 

The Birdhouse Showcase!

They are calling it “showcasing Birdhouse design”. The award presentation was held on Wednesday, the 4th of October, at 1:30 PM. The catchphrases were: “Come see a bird’s eye view: it’s for the birds!” I was walking by the N building when I saw Birdhouses on a wire. I saw two men observing the houses. I walked closer to ask them if they knew anything about the strange occurrence. One of them answered: “they’re birdhouses made by the architectural technology students, each made for a specific species. Look at this…

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