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The Birdhouse Showcase! Campus 

The Birdhouse Showcase!

They are calling it “showcasing Birdhouse design”. The award presentation was held on Wednesday, the 4th of October, at 1:30 PM. The catchphrases were: “Come see a bird’s eye view: it’s for the birds!”

I was walking by the N building when I saw Birdhouses on a wire. I saw two men observing the houses. I walked closer to ask them if they knew anything about the strange occurrence. One of them answered: “they’re birdhouses made by the architectural technology students, each made for a specific species. Look at this one! It’s for a Chickadee”, he remarked pointing to a mini Cathedral painted in light orange. “See this hole here, it’s specifically made for this bird’s species”.

“These are really great!” The bearded man exclaimed as he nodded and looked at them in admiration. “You know”, I continued, “This would make a great article!”. “It would!” the man in green replied. The bearded man asked: “Are you from the newspaper?”. I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”. “Oh! Well, there’s going to be a ceremony at 1:30″. He turned to the man in green. “Do you know any architectural technology teachers?” The man in green smiled and replied “Yeah: Maria and John”. “There you go”, said the bearded man. “Okay, thank you” I said as I began to walk away.

After some time…

One man who later observed the birdhouses was calling some of the more traditional styles “67’s”. Other birdhouses had similar characteristics to pyramids, a spiraling vase, and castles, among other things. They were made of weather-resistant material, 60% recycled.

At the ceremony, there was a great crowd, greater than I had imagined. There was money awarded: $25 for the third and second prize, and $50 for the first prize.

And the winners were:

3rd prize:

  • Nikki Than Ha Do
  • Alyssa Pangilinan
    • “Accomplished!”
  • Luca Caraccioio
    • “I feel good.”
  • Wing Kit Chen
  • Veronica Cayouette

2nd prize:

  • Gianfrancos Caputo
    • “Happy! Super exited.”
  • Farizio Armenti
    • “Feeling pretty good, happy we had top 3. A little surprised but honestly just proud of our work.”
  • Kunne Bourget
  • Emma Bursey
  • Giordana Bucciarelli

1st Prize

  • Paolo Lopez
  • Cindy Le
    • “I’m proud of my team, we worked hard to make our bird house, so I’m happy!”
  • Mathew-Niko Capparelli
    • “So excited to have won, it feels good and rewarding when you put a lot of work into it. Its nice to see your vision appreciated by others.”
  • Kristopher Kourvetaris
    • “Extremely happy that we won. All the hard work we put in got rewarded. I’m very proud of everyone in our group.”
  • Veronica Lazo Argueta



Comments from the students:

“It was fun, it was challenging. It was different than other school works, more creative. Come check them out! People put in a lot of effort.”

-Gianfranco Caputo.

“A lot more work than anticipated, 30 hours plus work, but it was worth it.”

– Kayla and Alexia.

“I really enjoyed working with a third year student. It was a fun project.”


“I’m glad I got to work with very chill people and hang out with them besides having to work on the birdhouse. It was definitely the best and coolest mentors ever.”

–David B.

“It was nice to do something concrete even if we’re first years. My mentors were the best I could ever get, we were a great team. Thanks for the opportunity!”

–Nicolas C.


Written By: Tatterhood

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