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Vanier Chess Initiative Campus 

Vanier Chess Initiative

Oh jeez Rick… I wanna learn how to play Chess at Vanier, I found out how. It’s called the Vanier Chess Initiative; oh man, Rick! It’s an instructional chess program being offered this semester that will help me develop a more nuanced approach to the game.

Oh man, Rick! I’m thinkin’ about learning chess, and I’m starting to work up some anxiety about this whole thing! But I don’t need to worry, right? I mean, it’s been demonstrated that young Mortys who play chess experience improvement in their math, science, reading and literacy. I guess that applies to all young people, huh?

Holy cow, Rick! Any students are encouraged to attend the workshops, to improve their critical thinking or maybe just to meet new people in a comfortable environment. And they don’t need to have any prior chess experience.

Oh man! Once a week, in the Learning Commons, students will meet to learn about and play chess. And it’s free too. I can’t wait to join Rick!

Ohh, man! I forgot to tell them how they can get involved! Ohh, ohhh geez!! Students can MIO Mark Cohen, email , or visit Student Services to find out more about The Vanier Chess Initiative.

Thanks for letting me write this article Rick!


Written By: Morty Smith

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