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A new Hellboy Film in the works, but it’s not Hellboy 3 Vanier Alumni 

A new Hellboy Film in the works, but it’s not Hellboy 3

Before we dive into it all, I want to say that Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy would-be trilogy was one of the very first superhero films I saw. I was 10, and going to friend’s house to watch it in his basement without my parents knowing (as it was PG-13) was one of the most thrilling experiences in my life (as a 10 year old anyway)…


I absolutely loved the character and the whole aesthetic linked to the world of the B.P.R.D. and Hellboy. Both Del Toro and Perlman (who played Hellboy) truly captured the essence of Hellboy, one I later discovered at my local comic shops by 12-13 years old.

I write this down now for I want to bring up the latest news; A Hellboy Reboot is in the works, with David Harbour (Stranger Things) as Big Red himself.

I have nothing against reboots. If they are done well, than that’s great for the fans, the actors, directors, crew and of course the production company. But I strongly suggest reboots should be done after the last series of films regarding a specific franchise or character arc is over.

As fans, we believe that Del Toro’s Hellboy project was not finished. We say that because the second film hinted at a third, ended with a cliffhanger. We the audience wanted to know what goes on, what happens to Hellboy and essentially, the world.

Ron Perlman himself was very vocal about his support with the fans, on producing the final Hellboy film, to end the story once and for all even years later. But as it turns out, an R-Rated Hellboy film with David Harbour as Hellboy will be directed by Neil Marshall.

It upsets me that the production company does not want to finish off the original arc but is creating a new one. As fans we became invested in the original story, the portrayal of the characters by the previous actors had us also invested. We are familiar with this world.

Starting it all over is, I believe, unwise. In the back of our minds, we will be just wondering what would have been with the original actors, and the original story.
I am all for more Hellboy films, I believe it is a franchise with huge potential. David Harbour has proved himself a fantastic actor in Stranger Things and Neil Marshall has had a great run with Game of Thrones. I am completely behind their creative abilities. But the timing just is not right. If there is even a sliver of hope for a Hellboy 3, one part of the Del Toro/Perlman collaboration, I say to the production company to take one more look at what was, to me and many fans a great story with awesome character portrayals and story arc.


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