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How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill Features 

How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill

I was in the Peer Tutoring Center talking about cultures when it happened. A piercing screech nearly busted my eardrums. It was a fire! I managed to freeze out of my seat and grab my papers to get out of school. I walked across the room, crossed the library reception, passed the bunch of people and waited for the student hoard to go down the staircase. I walked down the stair case to the first floor and made my way across the cafeteria and exited the building. I continued across the street and into the grass.


There weren’t any signs of a fire taking place, other than the entire student body outside the school. I began to feel hope. I chatted about K-Pop and sushi rolls. Finally, I saw a flow of students going back inside, just this massive student body going inside their school, in the C wing. So I followed them. I went to the Peer Tutoring Center but I couldn’t concentrate on my homework. So I went to the security guards and asked if they knew anything about why the fire alarm went off. To my surprise, it had been a fire drill. I was very relieved.


Using prom dances to hype people up is so boring! Why not use a fire drill instead? With a fire drill, you can get students outside immediately! Here is one satisfied customer: “Fire drill was very loud!!!! That is good so it gets people up and out”.


Written By: Tatterhood

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