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Get Your S.T.A.R. Hours Campus 

Get Your S.T.A.R. Hours

This long-standing Vanier College program: Student Transcript Activity Record (S.T.A.R), is a non-credit entry on your official transcript for 60+ hours of volunteer work in your school or community. Participation in the S.T.A.R. Program will be noted on your CEGEP transcript when you graduate. It is recognized for university admission and scholarship commitees, as well as future employers. Some examples of activitiesrecognized by the S.T.A.R. Program include being a Peer Tutor with the Learning Centre, being a president or executive of a Club, participation in the Vanier Robotics Clubs, contributing to Vanier’s student newspaper, being a Vanier Athlete, coordinating a new campus sustainability initiative, performing at Vanier’s Got Talent Show or a local community performance, volunteering for a community organization or charity, etc.
To qualify:
 full-time student at Vanier
during period of involvement.
 complete a minimum of
60 hours of services with
your activity.
 in good academic standing.
 not obtain any form of
compensation for your involvement
in the activity.
 submit information detailing
your experience and
your skills development
when you have completed
your volunteer hours.
 have the form signed by
your volunteer work supervisor
or mentor.
Useful Info:
You can reach 60 hours of
volunteer work by combining
multiple activities under
one category.
Volunteer hours from the
summer count too.
 Deadline: 6 December.
Submit your application to
Student Services.
Visit the website for more
For questions, contact Rowena Selby in Vanier Student Life (B205) or at


Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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