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Herbal Tea Workshop at Vanier Campus 

Herbal Tea Workshop at Vanier

On October 10th, the Vanier Collective Gardens held an Herbal Tea Workshop hosted by Naughty Nettle Medicinals. Naughty Nettles Medicinals is an organic grocery store that holds herbal workshops in and around the Montreal area. For more information about the company feel free to visit their Facebook page.

The workshop held at Vanier focused on Herbal Tea and its benefits, but also the benefits of many local plants to our health. It was very hands-on and interactive, and everyone who attended certainly learned something new about the medicinal properties of herbs, of which there are many.

The workshop ran for an hour and a half, and it began with participants meeting inside for a brief introduction to herbal medicine and its various applications such as to help treat cold and flu, to reduce anxiety, or to improve concentration. The interesting origins of herbal medicine were also discussed, that being through trial and error that focused on organoleptic testing, which is testing through trusting your senses.

The group later moved to the permaculture garden behind K where participants were introduced to various herbs, and we learned about their benefits and got to taste and smell many of them. For example, dandelions are a great diuretic, and rosemary reduces stress, improves memory and boosts immunity.

Once arrived at the main gardens between D and N, we sampled homemade herbal tea, one that helps with digestion, and the other that helps with a sore throat. The workshop concluded with some herb harvesting and a testing of some herbal products from Naughty Nettle Medicinals.

Despite the many benefits that herbs can provide to our health, caution must be used as with any medicine, and herbs should not serve as a replacement for regular medicine, but as a complement to it.

Although gardening season is over, there’s still lots of green activities happening with The Collective Gardens! If you are interested please go to the Vanier Collective Gardens website at

Collective Gardens

visit the Facebook group, or got to B-205 anytime. Also, don’t hesitate to contact Myriam Mansour at: or ext. 7329 if you have any questions.

Written By: India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner

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