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Success at the McGill Physics Hackathon Campus 

Success at the McGill Physics Hackathon

On the weekend of November 4th and 5th, three second-year Vanier students, Teresa Altamirano Mayoral, Diego Lopez, and KC Tsiolis, along with Mara Boureanu from John Abbott College, finished in 4th place in McGill’s Physics Hackathon, held at the “Société des arts technologiques (SAT)”. The teams participating in the hackathon (most of which were composed of university students) had 24 hours to create the program that simulates a physics phenomenon.   The 4th place finishers impressed the judges with The Physics Playground, a program similar to Microsoft Paint that simulates…

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Get Your S.T.A.R. Hours Campus 

Get Your S.T.A.R. Hours

This long-standing Vanier College program: Student Transcript Activity Record (S.T.A.R), is a non-credit entry on your official transcript for 60+ hours of volunteer work in your school or community. Participation in the S.T.A.R. Program will be noted on your CEGEP transcript when you graduate. It is recognized for university admission and scholarship commitees, as well as future employers. Some examples of activitiesrecognized by the S.T.A.R. Program include being a Peer Tutor with the Learning Centre, being a president or executive of a Club, participation in the Vanier Robotics Clubs, contributing…

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Vanier Tech Club Wins it Big Campus 

Vanier Tech Club Wins it Big

Bright and early on a cold Saturday in February, over 60 students from four different CEGEPs assembled in the Polytechnique building of Université de Montréal. Coffees in hand, these students would spend close to 16 hours participating in what the tech community calls a hackathon, a fast-paced event where each team works to create (or hack together) a project in a very limited amount of time. This specific hackathon’s challenge was to create an artificial intelligence (AI) for the game TRON (think multiplayer Snake.) The AIs are then pitted against…

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Things to Do at Vanier Campus 

Things to Do at Vanier

Looking to do something around school? Join a club! It has been more than a month that the majority of us have been running from back-to-back classes, and studying for tests in-between, all while trying to stay at a healthy level of student sanity. Being a brand new student at Vanier and walking through the unfamiliar campus full of new faces is overwhelming enough. Sounds like you? Want to de-stress and meet some cool people to talk to? Well, look no further! Many student-run clubs have flourished at Vanier, and…

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