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Need help, eh?

Where Estérel, Quebec’s best, erected, there were three messengers. These men were well, yet meek. Speeches were the men’s preferences. Estelle the Jester, termed “Jestelle”, heckled them. Whenever she screeched, she felt glee. Whenever she yelped, the men felt depleted. The men remember when Jestelle met them:


“The deer were peeved, then wrecked me legs!” she yelled. “Deft, these deer were. Never respect them, never respect these three men!”


The three men were perplexed.


“Elle est belle” led René, the French member


“Pervert”, heeded Ernest


“Meh”, Greg jerked.


Nevertheless, the men let Jestelle jeer. Her heckles let new herds see the men’s events.


Seven weeks were spent. The men were peeved; the lesser self-esteem let Jestelle be the events’ dweller. She never ended her messes. The speeches’ effects were reversed; the herd rejected the men. Greg clenched.


“Telle merde, elle est”! yelled René.


“Meh” Ernest wheezed.


“The French member’s speeches were mere dregs! The rest were ‘meh’. René, Ernest, Greg wrecked themselves,” pestered Jestelle


Greg’s knees bended. He clenched. He stretched. He threw pebbles; Jestelle’s nerves were pelted. He threw jewels; her feet were peppered.


“We’ve seen Hell, we weren’t ‘meh’, we were excellent!” yelped Greg. “Get bent, jester stench!”


The tense scene exceeded the event Greg expected. Jestelle fell. She then fled. Her presence never remerged. The herd never remembered her heckles.


The end.


Written By: JF Dumont


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