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Vanier’s Got Talent 2017 Arts Campus 

Vanier’s Got Talent 2017

The date was November 23rd, 2017. Inside Vanier’s Auditorium, seven hours past noon, a hush falls on the crowd as 13 students prepare to showcase their creativity. The resulting show was entertaining and had quite the variety of artistic mediums on display.


There were three award winners in this show. First, was for best performance, given to the performer who was the best in the show. Second, was for the most creative act, given to the performer with the most original and unique performance. Finally, there was the Coup de Coeur, awarded to the performer who really struck an emotional chord with the audience. What made these awards all the more interesting was that the judges were the people in the crowd, voting for their favorite acts via an online survey. The results came in several minutes after the final act concluded.


The best act in show went to Ning Ding, who captured the audience with a breathtaking dance. It was titled Standing on the Cloud, and the choreography was beautiful and completely original.


The title of most creative was swept up by Tracy Wong, and her rendition of the song This is Gospel by Panic! at the Disco. Her voice was astonishing and powerful, making for a great singing performance.


Shiloh-Khareem ObasWiseman was the recipient of Coup de Coeur with his original rap Don’t Do It. The flow of his words, coupled with his mature subject matter which tackled very real issues, was incredibly poignant.


Students displayed incredible talent was on display at this show. Other acts included singing, guitar, drums, piano, and dancing. Every contestant brought something interesting to the table, resulting in an evening filled with imagination and self-expression.


Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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