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Lady Gaga on the Edge of Glory Entertainment 

Lady Gaga on the Edge of Glory

Gaga’s concert at the Bell Center was up in the air.
Last week the Bell Center opened its doors to Lady Gaga and her entire crew for her come back on November 3rd.After Cancelling her last date on September 4, 2017, due to major health problems, she came back with a dazzling show.

After spending the whole week in Montreal to get back on track and polish her show the viewers could really tell that their hard work paid off. The stage design was out of anyone’s reach…Literally, since she had three platforms going up and down to transport Gaga and her dancer to the three other stages. The production effort matched perfectly her dancers, musicians and her performance energy on stage. Regardless her past illness, she never seized to amaze her fans with her incredible vocal range.

Fire, Colourful lights, creative wardrobe, a full arena stage, killer vocals, you name it she had it all. Gaga has lots of love and charisma for her fans. Despite the major controversy issues, she used to create with her songs and outfits she remained her true self and stayed humble, especially when she explained the title’s reason from her new album “Joanne”. She shared a personal aspect of her life with the crowd when Gaga explained that Joanne was the name of her aunt she never got to meet due to her passing away before the singer was born. “Ever since I was a kid I would remember seeing my family crying over someone I never meet. I never understood how important she was until I knew who she really was and her deadly illness Lupus when there was no treatment in 1971.”

The American Pop Star sure brought some emotion into the crowd. Particularly in when she performed her famous single “Born This Way”. Gaga was not afraid to share her opinion and vocalize her position in questions like gender and sexual orientation on freedom of equality. The house was not only filled with LGBTQ+ members but from all decisions. Talking about a unique Artist not only in her style she also encourages people to be themselves.

In miss Lady Gaga’s words “Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself because God made everyone differently.”

Written By: Paola Lopez Velasco

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