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The Clock Is Ticking: DC Announces Upcoming DOOMSDAY CLOCK Series Vanier Alumni 

The Clock Is Ticking: DC Announces Upcoming DOOMSDAY CLOCK Series

This will be a standalone miniseries written by Geoff Johns, with Gary Frank and Brad Anderson and will begin in November 2017. It will continue the narrative that began last year with the DC Comics Rebirth Special #1, that was explored more recently in the four-part arc known as ”The Button” starring Batman and the Flash.

Fans like myself are hoping for a rather “super” good story for the Watchmen’s entrance  into the Canon DC Universe. With the Superman shield at the top of the clock has me interested to say the least. My curiosity is further piqued by the title itself, DOOMSDAY CLOCK, with “D.C.”  as its initials, written in the famous yellow and bold Watchmen typeface. We can only wonder if Doomsday, the villain who famously killed Superman 25 years ago would even be reappearing for this series. According to Geoff Johns, who states in an interview conducted by SyFyWire, we will be seeing many DC characters throughout the miniseries, the story will focus on the dynamic between Superman, an alien who embodies humanity and Doctor Manhattan, a human who has distanced himself so very far from his own species, both physically and psychologically.

To put it in simple terms, I’m incredibly excited and will definitely be picking every issue up.


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