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I Survived The First Year of Health Science! Voices 

I Survived The First Year of Health Science!

Hello there, newcomer. Today, I will be your guide and will give you advice on how to survive – and hopefully do well – in your first year of Health Science. The first semester of cegep can be very scary. You are in the midst of 6000+ other students, who seem to know what they are doing. Don’t worry; most of them are just as lost as you are! Here are a few tips that you can use to survive the first year of Health Science.



  1. Take advantage of your teacher’s office hours

At first, certain teachers can come off as intimidating and harsh. However, you cannot let this stop you from getting help if you are struggling in a certain course. If the teacher is an ally of Thanos, just bring a friend! Many teachers offer detailed explanations during office hours and will sit with you for 30+ minutes until you completely grasp the concepts. If you need a teacher’s help, simply MIO them via Omnivox for an appointment!


  1. The textbook is your best friend

Often times, in-class notes are not sufficient for the tests, because they lack depth and detail. Keep in mind that most of these power points are for the teacher’s use.  If you feel confused after a lecture, and this will happen, it’s completely normal, just turn towards the textbook. Even if you grasp the concepts in class, using the textbook is still a good idea, since lectures may lack some detail that you may be required to know for tests and exams. You do not need to do 50 problems from the book, remember that the theory is more important.


  1. Do all questions in problem sets

Sometimes, students skip a few problems on problem sets and homework, thinking that they will not pop up on evaluations. Do not take this chance!


  1. Join clubs and do extracurricular activities

In order to prevent your mental health from deteriorating, you should do activities outside of school, such as soccer, karate, being a part of a club, etc. Not only do these things look good on your CV, but will also prevent you from burning out, which you will be at a risk of in Health Science.



Good Luck!



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