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Health and Dental Coverage Coming Soon to Vanier Students Campus 

Health and Dental Coverage Coming Soon to Vanier Students

Many changes are in store for members of the Vanier College Student’s Association, as students have cast their votes this October to decide on not only a new VCSA Executive Council (whose results have been announced via Omnivox) but also on whether or not a student insurance plan should be implemented.
After the four-day-long referendum (from October 9th to October 13th) the motion has passed with 90% of voters in favour of the implementation of The Student Insurance Plan.
Expressing his thoughts on this outcome, Kareem Brochu, the VCSA executive council’s president, says, “I am proud of the work that the Student Insurance Board has completed thus far and the affordable yet rich in benefits plan that was created for students by students.”
During the past year, members of the Student Insurance Committee, now Board, has been working on the plan. The finalized version of it, which students voted being in favour of during the referendum, proposes both a health and dental insurance package.
The former involves coverage for healthcare, vision care, travel, telemedicine, and mental health resources, while the latter includes dental coverage and a legal protection program.
Students will have the choice as to whether or not they would like to pay for either, or both, of the insurance packages. In either case, students will pay for their insurance coverage in installments through their student fees; 1/3 of the total cost would be paid for in the fall semester, and the remaining 2/3 in the winter. It’s also important to note that students can opt-out if they wish, leading to no changes to their student fees.
Now that the plan has been decided on and approved by the student body, there remains the question of how it will be implemented.
To this effect, the VCSA Student Insurance Board of Directors will serve to work with students directly concerning the implementation of the plan, as adjustments can be made according to the student body’s most common requests and/or complaints.
This body is also intended to include as many members of the Vanier community as possible in decision-making, as, aside from the VCSA Executive Council, full-time day students, continuing education students, international education students, alumni, and parents can be representatives of the board.
As such, to those who are interested in pursuing such a position, the VCSA president implores them “not hesitate to reach out to [him].”


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