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VCSA Update on COVID-19 Campus News 

VCSA Update on COVID-19

As we are all struggling to keep our mental health in check, while also adjusting to online learning and upholding whatever other personal obligations we might have, as teachers tell us to “enjoy our unexpected break”, all the while giving extra assignments to make up for missed classes, we might feel like there is no way we can realistically meet every deadline. Several students have voiced their concerns to the VCSA, mainly about the lack of support they are receiving from their teachers (especially students who have little access to…

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Budgets from Winter 2019 and Fall 2019 Uncategorized 

Budgets from Winter 2019 and Fall 2019

Below are the VCSA’s budgets for the Winter 2019 semester (06/01/18 – 05/31-19) and for the Fall 2019 semester (01/06/19 – 29/11/19). All students can have access to a full budget upon request.  The Insider (net): Winter 2019: $10,970.16 Fall 2019: $5,828.16 Clubs:  Winter 2019: $5,201.78 Fall 2019: $2,010.90 VCSA Parties: Winter 2019: $27,332.76 Fall 2019: $17,878.96 Welcome Week: Winter 2019: $31,857.64 Fall 2019: $19,096.25 Food for VCSA Meetings: Winter 2019: $9,122.94 Fall 2019: $5,660.84 Free Breakfast for Students: Winter 2019: $4,071.17 Fall 2019: $1,617.08 Office Expenses: Winter 2019: $11,551.01…

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An Update On The VCSA Campus 

An Update On The VCSA

  Last semester left students confused, and with an unpleasant taste in their mouths after its conclusion. This article will be a recap of the events that transpired last semester, and of where the Vanier College Student’s Association (VCSA) is headed in 2020; it will, hopefully, clear the air surrounding the end of last semester.   The Meeting of November 27th, 2019 This meeting took place at UB, and was deemed to not be an official meeting because it did not follow proper procedures for the creation of a Special…

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The VCSA is failing you. I would know, I’m in it. Voices 

The VCSA is failing you. I would know, I’m in it.

Student associations have a long history of changemaking. From America’s civil rights movement in the sixties to Quebec’s red square protest of 2012, students have often been at the forefront of activist movements. This is because whether they be in Asia, Europe or America, every student association has the same goal: Representing students. The VCSA seems to be the exception.   What is the VCSA? VCSA is the short name for Vanier College Student’s Association, and it is Vanier’s official student union. They are accredited, meaning they are fully independent…

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