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Erasure in the Midst of Environmental Crisis Features 

Erasure in the Midst of Environmental Crisis

In the wake of Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future becoming mainstream, there has been a surge in environmental activism on an international scale, hence the global climate strikes. As such, there has been a sense of urgency in regards to the issue, as people implore governments to take steps towards resolving it, especially considering the visibly exacerbated effects of climate change in recent years: summer’s heat waves are prolonged, winter comes later and is more frigid, and almost-yearly spring flooding has become the norm. Of course, these things affect everyone,…

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Black History Month is a confusing time for the white-passing daughter of a black man. What am I supposed to claim? Should I claim anything at all? Is the act of proudly claiming my background, telling the tale of my black father, and grandfather, and great-grandfather, appropriating and overstepping into lifetimes of resilience that I will never understand? I don’t know the answer to these questions. However, I don’t think I’m in the place to claim Black History Month. I am only in the place to listen. That is the…

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Tribute to Daisy Peterson Sweeney Features 

Tribute to Daisy Peterson Sweeney

To celebrate Black history month, this feature will highlight the achievements of one particularly talented Black woman; she truly put Montreal on the map as a jazz powerhouse. Daisy Peterson Sweeney was not only a great musician, but also a great teacher to some of the best artists from Montreal. Sweeney was born on May 7th of 1920, to Canadian parents – her mother a housekeeper and her father a railroad worker – and was raised in Little Burgundy, an area mainly inhabited by Black residents. She grew up during…

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Lincoln Alexander: Canada’s First Black MP Features 

Lincoln Alexander: Canada’s First Black MP

This February, Canadians, especially those in the black community, will celebrate Black History Month. Even though I am not black, I do wish to contribute, as a member of another visible minority, to the remembrance of influential black figures who became not only experts in their fields, but as pathfinders for their communities to thrive and prosper in Canada. Since I love Canadian political history, I will be dedicating the rest of this article to detailing the life of the Honourable Lincoln Alexander, PC, CC, O.Ont, CD, QC.   Early…

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Black Artists At Vanier Arts Campus 

Black Artists At Vanier

Happy Black History Month! This is a month that was made to look back on the great people that paved the way for us, but also to appreciate our current black kings and queens! The talented and amazing up and coming black artists that are featured in this article make this blessed month even more of a celebration. Interviewed in this piece are students from the Communications program here at Vanier. I am a Communications student myself (@Ari_Kiara), and I can proudly say that in the program we are like…

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Viola Desmond: The Canadian Businesswoman and Her Influence Features 

Viola Desmond: The Canadian Businesswoman and Her Influence

Viola Desmond, born and raised in Halifax, was a successful business woman and entrepreneur in the beauty salon industry. The former school teacher had always wanted to open her own hairdressing business, however many beauty schools denied admission to Black women. She then travelled from city to city for courses until she finally obtained her diploma in hairdressing in Atlantic City. In 1937, Desmond began Vi’s Studio of Beauty Culture, where she provided hair and cosmetic services to racially-mixed clientele in Halifax. After much success in a few years, she…

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Radical Histories: Consciousness Reacts Features 

Radical Histories: Consciousness Reacts

As Malcolm X lost his perfect vision, straining his eyes to read through prison nights, he learnt the history of blacks in America. I have read his autobiography and it is clear that among its cardinal desire is to make a point on history. History, Malcolm X insisted, had been hidden from African Americans, left out of textbooks and public discussion. He knew that if it was only torn from the shadows and the stories of African civilization and the slave-trade exposed, there would certainly be revolution. “If you find…

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Vanier’s First Annual Black History Month Fashion Show Campus 

Vanier’s First Annual Black History Month Fashion Show

On Wednesday, February 21st during universal break, Vanier College celebrated Black History Month with a fashion show organized by Vanier’s own Catherine Dorcas Boateng, who is the creator of The Council of Black Fashion. The event showcased black men’s and women’s fashion throughout the decades, from the 1940’s to present day. There was also traditional African dress showcased. Who were the models? They were none other than Vanier’s own students from the black community. There was not only great fashion to find on the runway in Jake’s Mall; there was…

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