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What Does the “Freedom Convoy” Actually Stand For? Voices 

What Does the “Freedom Convoy” Actually Stand For?

You’ve probably heard of the giant mass of truckers currently in downtown Ottawa honking for freedom from Covid regulations. However, massive Trump flags have people questioning what people are actually fighting for. 

The Freedom Convoy was inspired by the new law put into place that unvaccinated truckers would not be able to cross the border. Even though those truckers make up only 10% of all truckers, their choice to protest called the attention of all who disagree with Covid regulations and vaccine mandates. They have driven to Ottawa, and they vow to stay in the nation’s capital until the Prime Minister lifts all Covid restrictions even though all Covid restrictions.

While it is understandable that people are frustrated with Covid regulations that are seemingly never-ending and misinformation spreading everywhere, who can we trust to best keep us safe? Despite all this, is the answer continuous honking and abusing people for wearing a mask? It is the reality of people currently living in downtown Ottawa who have been unable to function due to the loud noise. It was so disruptive that the Ontario Superior Court had to get involved. Moreover, protestors stole food from homeless shelters, defaced a Terry Fox monument and imitated Native rituals. 

Canada’s Freedom Convoy protest actually sparked protests across the world of people who are sick of Covid regulations with countries such as New Zealand, France and soon the United States having their own. 

I think it’s worth noting that no matter your vaccine status or stance on regulations, the situation has gotten a little out of hand. Instead of a peaceful protest, this is turning into an unstable situation. The convoy was able to raise almost 10 million dollars on GoFundMe, yet what they may or may not know (I don’t know which is worse) is that a huge profit of their funds came from white supremacists and foreign influences. The mayor of Ottawa was able to give refunds to all who donated, and the truckers called this a lack of freedom. I think it’s a little ignorant to get upset over not being able to fund a dangerous gathering when Native communities don’t have clean drinking water; that is a real issue. 

It’s also worth noting that provinces are laying out plans to end almost all regulations and will soon treat the virus as an endemic. It’s too soon to say when the truckers will leave; however, if nearly all restrictions are lifted, and they are still there, then we’ll really know the meaning of their protest. 

By Isabella Del Grosso 

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