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Australian Bushfires: A Reflection of Climate Change Voices 

Australian Bushfires: A Reflection of Climate Change

Over the past couple of months, bushfires have ravaged most of Australia. These fires, which started in in November 2019, have claimed the lives of at least 33 people and of most Australian wildlife.

Many of you, I assume, have seen videos circulating online that show people rescuing koala bears from the bushfires. Sure, these videos are heartwarming, as they end happily more often than not, but the reality is that over a billion animals are threatened and killed by the flames.

Australia has one of the most diverse and populated ecosystems on the planet, and it is slowly dying; animals that have been native to Australia for hundreds of years are on the verge of extinction.

Though the worst is over, the fires are still burning. During their peak in late to mid-December, most of the world has raised awareness and has provided relief for the fires. However, there have not been many reports in recent mainstream news, as the fires have begun to die down.

However, they are still burning; the country is still dying, and flames are, without a doubt, a direct effect of climate change.

In January, we have already surpassed the emissions limit for the year. The emissions limit was put in place in order to regulate how many emissions can be released without causing global temperatures from rising astronomically.

Humanity is in the midst of a crisis. Climate change has had, and will, have detrimental effects on the planet. We cannot ignore this. We cannot be skeptical. We must act, and we must do it now.


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