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The New Age of Protest : How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected Climate Justice Voices 

The New Age of Protest : How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected Climate Justice

April 3rd, 2020 was scheduled to be what would have been yet another major worldwide climate strike. Many were prepared to break out their recycled picket signs and to take to the streets, chanting battle cries for climate justice.

As you may have guessed, this was not the case. The coronavirus pandemic has caused government-mandated lockdowns and restrictions around the world. Gatherings of no more than two people are allowed (at least here, in Canada), which made the climate strike on April 3rd virtually impossible.

This being said, given the technological age that we find ourselves in, protesters found a way to make their voices heard; they took to social media.

Climate Strike Canada organized a cyber climate strike to ensure that, even in difficult times such as today’s, the climate crisis remains a relevant issue. Participants were invited to share a picture of themselves with their picket signs, explaining why climate justice is important to them, and to tag five friends in the post to pass along the message.

Hundreds of people submitted photos with the #climatestrikeonline for the cause; in doing so, it became clear that we do not need to be in physical contact with one another in order to be united. 

Unity is especially needed given the situation in which the world finds itself at the moment. Just as we need to come together in order to combat climate change, we must come together to fight and defeat COVID-19.

We must spread love, solidarity, and hope; not the virus. So, wash those hands, and keep fighting for climate justice (from the comfort of your living room, of course). 


By Valentina Tsilimidos

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