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Cats and Cake at The Neko Maid and Butler Café Campus 

Cats and Cake at The Neko Maid and Butler Café

Members of the anime club, who were dressed in full cat maid or butler attire, welcomed students to their Neko – or cat-themed cafe. 


The event took place on the afternoon of Friday, February 28th. There was even one member in full love live cosplay.


Warmly welcomed by members of the anime club, students attending the cafe were seated at a neatly set table by a cat waiter upon entering. A menu of different sweets, as well as coffee and tea, were available to choose from. 


All menu items were free for customers, and waiters hand-delivered the goodies to students.


The cafe was so popular with students that menu items were running out towards the end of the event; it seemed to have a great turnout. 


In past semesters, when the Neko Maid and Butler Cafe took place, there were even line ups to get in. This time around, there was chatter amongst the students who seemed eager to attend. Ultimately, this event has built a good reputation, leading to its success.


Visiting the Neko Cafe was a great way for students to end a hectic week with something relaxing and fun.


If you missed out this time around, you could always visit the Anime Club in D-102. Also be sure to check out their Facebook page: VCSA Anime Club @VCSAaniclub. 


If you want help out at events like the Neko Maid and Butler Cafe, stop by their room to become a member of Anime Club, and to check out what else the club has to offer.

By India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner

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